At Least expected


I have uploaded downloaded, Applied, Reapplied, Pasted, Copied, Updated, Joined, Unjoined, Rejoined, Deleted. Made myself known in all situations.
And reality is i haven’t got enough time yet, from my past faults which still haunt me today. Experience is a must, and time in that i also lack. I have put my profile in places to be known and know in my heart knowing a call would not come. For reality is life and we live it everyday, and to tell the truth even when you know you will be turned down makes reality more intense everyday.
At times i look and wonder what the hell am i doing, look where i am from, look at what my past holds, no one will hire you, you suck, you won’t do it because you’re from no where, no one cares that you know about technology, take that shit somewhere else, get a real job and be a man to your kids, why aren’t you working, what you doing with yourself.

  • I thought hitting the ground running was a saying when i was young-Now i see if you run to fast you get left behind, wondering where time has gone, when time is in our hands and is of the essence.
  • I need more time so they say!
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